Tuesday, May 6, 2008

88 Minutes -- Another Take

Ah. 88 Minutes. A fine way to spend, oh! isn't that something... about 88 minutes!
This is about as smart as this movie gets.

I'll tell you what I loved about this film: Al Pacino's hair. Awesome. His hair resembled the kind of coif that grandmothers used to get at the hairdressers with big curlers that are brushed out. And there seemed to always be some sort of back lighting through his hair so it really played up the fluffiness. It was very hard to concentrate on his character's words when you are following the flow of the 'do. There was one scene where I just laughed out loud. Couldn't contain myself. The serious nature of the matter at hand vs. that hair. Well worth the price of admission.

The second gem for me was a scene which has Dr. Jack Gramm heading home where he'll be safe (?) an aside here: serial killer knows everything about you, calling you every 5 minutes to update you that yes, you are still going to die, and you head home. Um. Think the killer may know where you live? Nah! G'won wit you! But I digress... So he enters his lobby and *gasp* where's the regular doorman? This isn't the regular doorman?! He says he's a temp and there's a package for Dr. Gramm. So Dr. Gramm goes around the desk to get the package.
"How did you know my name?"
"Well I said the package was for Dr. Gramm and you looked over at it so I figured that was you." Clever. Is it too clever?
As Jack picks up the package he notices it doesn't have a return address and presses the doorman to try to recall every detail he can about the person who dropped the package off. Now, honestly, I can't tell you much more about what was said because whatever he said to Dr. Gramm was accompanied by one of my now all time favorite scenes. This actor looked over his shoulder for a 3/4 profile at Pacino and had it been a cartoon, which it really felt like, he would have twirled his Snidely Whiplash moustache with an evil flourish!
What just happened there?
OMG Pacino was out-hammed!
After the classic match up between Keanu Reeves and Pacino in The Devil's Advocate, in the mano-a-mano scene with the flames of hell and all that shooting up out of the floor, I didn't think anyone could out ham Pacino, until today. I sincerely look forward to more from this young actor and will be searching IMDB for his past works.

As far as the story is concerned, it feels irrelevant. I don't really care to discuss it. This was a good bad movie. It moved along, it wasn't boring, just incomprehensible and silly.


Christopher said...

The actor who manages to steal the scene right out from under Al Pacino is Michael Eklund. It really is quite spectacular and one of the greatest cameo's in recent memory. He's appearing soon in Postal, a movie we just might be reviewing on this blog in the coming weeks.

redcatdance said...

Oh Goody!