Saturday, May 17, 2008

He Had Man Hands - Deception movie review

It's been a few days since I saw this movie. What has stayed with me? The sheer size of Hugh Jackman's hands. Massive! When he cradles the leading lady's head in his hands near the end of the movie it's like she's a tiny dolly.

I was intrigued by the sex club angle. More interested when the ladies were unconventional. They were successful, not clingy or overly emotional, self-possessed and a range of ages and beauty. That actually made me feel better about this film and still does. Too bad it's all about aesthetics and not story.

Story-wise, well, there are a lot of holes in it. It tries to cover too much territory, tries to surprise you with a twist or two. Just try and tell me a story that's good okay? To take us half way through the film with the sex club angle only to find it's all a ruse for getting the guy to steal money for you, um, gee, you must be a freaking genius to have plotted all the minutiae that goes with that scheme.

The most ludicrous part of the whole movie is the ending. End it already! It went on and on and on. When the accountant horns in on the scheme and demands his cut, okay, they get the money, go to a park, a gun is pulled, the bad guy is shot by the recalcitrant femme fatale who walks away calmly, the survivor as well eschewing two suitcases with 10 million dollars in each leaving them lying on the ground in the public park. The potential couple are separated, give each other longing looks as she speeds away in a cab. A few minutes later they spy each other in the town square and the last scene has him walking to her. Too long. Too much. Too bad it's so predictable and anticlimactic. He should have been meeting someone from a sex club in Spain or something...become totally morally corrupt and suffer for turning his back on his law abiding life now that he's on the run or something. Well, maybe that's in the sequel.

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