Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Running Gags Were Best Part - Made of Honor Review

Dr. McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey, leading man.

My movie viewing partner leaned over to me, at the end of this film and asked me whether the main man was attractive or not. He told me "I don't get it. Is that guy considered good looking?" Given he thought this, he also couldn't understand why the main formal lead would want him at all, especially since he was "such an asshole." True she pined for 10 years, quietly, happy to be on the periphery of his life, happy to be his confidante, happy she was still around to be there for him and to support him and to share things with him without getting the nastiness this man inflicts on other women, She was special to him and though she wished she could be more, she had pretty much laid that to rest and moved on. She saw all that and he didn't, until he couldn't have her and he then wanted her and chases her and gets her and the movie ends there. Except I, as a knowing female viewer, jaded and wary, did not believe he had really changed and imagined after the film ended with the scene of them happy in bed and married that he would get bored in a month, be cheating and they'd be divorced and her final fear of them not even being friends would come to pass... But that last part is speculation on my part.

And that's pretty much the film really.

The parts that really got me were the superfluous characters and their running gags. I thought to myself they thought that was funny? as they showed grandma 3 or 4 times with the set of anal thunderbeads glowing around her neck that were given to her at the ill fated wedding shower which she continued to wear to many formal events after the shower where the looks on her family members' faces showed they knew what they were... guess grandma is what? Too fragile to know? Too determined to care? Has no other jewellery to wear? There is no good answer here. And the goofy guy in the gym? Lots of male bonding scenes and this guy, a geeky misfit with too short shorts and meek and mild trying to be hip and cool and he's always there, being goofy, like a sidekick but without the status. I always saw him in these scenes and don't even think he has a name. He's a gym hanger-on, and only with these boys. I thought for sure I'd see him at their wedding but he wasn't in the crowd shot. The movie didn't even tie up loose ends that were that obvious.

I did laugh uncontrollably at a scene where the groom to be, who is challenged to play basketball with the gang just so McDreamy can show him up (and look what a loser that guy is. He challenges him knowing the guy has never played the game before and McD plays it all the time with his friends. Is he that unsure of himself he has to beat him at what he knows? Please. But then, he loses.) After the game they go shower and all the boys take a look at the rivals gear and they are SHOCKED at the size of his gear. This had me laughing and I could not stop. How low will the film maker go from here (hadn't had the anal bead and grandmas scene yet)? What other cliche will they depict for us, the viewing public. ALL of them, every-one-you-can-think-of. Still though, it's not the worst film I've ever seen and that's the best recommendation I can give it.

BTW I liked McD in Enchanted. He was somewhat bland there too, like here, but the overall movie was way better and for the purposes of this blog will never be reviewed.

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